“An exceptional Investment Advisor must be focused on the individuals who entrust our firm with growing their wealth. Detailed financial planning and prudent investments are a great start only if they help our clients realize their long-term goals and lifelong aspirations.” – J.D. Teschler, President and Founder of Western Wealth Group




J.D. Teschler is the Founder and President of Western Wealth Group,
he also Chairs Western Wealth Group’s Investment Advisory Committee. J.D. grew up in the picturesque town of Stillwater, MN and made his way West in 1992. He attended school at Colorado State University and University of Phoenix receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a minor in Economics. His career in finance began with Charles Schwab, where he quickly rose through the ranks being awarded a Vice President title in his twenties. During his tenure with Schwab, he held several top positions: V.P. Financial Consultant, V.P. Investment Consultant, V.P. Banking Specialist, and V.P. Portfolio Manager, where he helped launch Schwab’s Private Client division in 2001. With 20 years of experience in financial planning, retirement planning, allocation design and portfolio management, J.D. is dedicated to ensuring his clients reach their retirement goals.

J.D. is married to his beautiful wife Jana and they have three daughters, Hannah, Samantha and Adeline. Together they travel, hike, bike, swim and canoe their way around the land & waters of the world. Their family is committed to Christ and community.

Western Wealth Group was formed 2010 in Denver, Colorado with three primary purposes: First, to build an Advisory Firm that places client needs above the bottom-line profit motives and inherent conflicts of interest which characterize mainstream financial firms. Second, to create a firm that pairs technology, innovation and industry expertise to design enhanced investment portfolios at lower costs. Finally, to advise investors with unmatched integrity while offering a lifetime partnership with an advisor they can trust.

“To collaborate with our clients to achieve their financial peace of mind by leveraging our firm’s collective expertise, concise financial planning and proprietary investment allocations.”

To become a dependable, trusted resource and partner for all our clients so that they see us as their friend, and ultimately, as part of their family. This means clients call us first, without the slightest hesitation, for every financially impactful decision or opportunity they encounter. We will deliver this vision with tireless dedication and the highest level of personal attention and objectivity.

At the heart of each client relationship is a fundamental commitment to helping you achieve your life goals.  We are keenly dedicated to the clients we serve and deliver on this promise by focusing all our efforts to a single end – to enrich the lives of the families who have entrusted us as their financial advisor. Holding true to our promise of client dedication and exceptional customer service, we believe our firm exemplifies the attributes of a fiduciary. Your financial goals are aligned with the success of our business, so we are here to make certain you meet them.

There is an ideal investment strategy and portfolio design specifically for you.  One that will achieve your investment goals and deliver the future you want.   It is our job to take the time and fully understand you as a unique individual.  We need to know where you are now and where you want to go. Seeing the whole picture will enable us to develop the right investment strategy, create the best financial plan, and to grow your wealth in the most prudent manner possible.